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This product is limited to one 1 dozen per transaction.


Midnight Eggers are one of our Fibro crosses that are varying shades of white and black with black and/or rust colored lacing blue to slate green beaks and legs. They are friendly, hardy and good layers of medium light blue eggs. There is a chance for solid black offspring with this cross and a slight chance they may lay white eggs in later generations. Birds are inquisitive and curious. They require handling from day olds on to not be flighty. Roosters are not overtly agressive to people but are protective of their hens. 

Midnight Eggers ™️ Hatching Eggs

  • Hatching Eggs are a perishable item that lose viability by the day. For this reason we are unable to store and ship eggs as orders are placed. This is a preorder item and is expected to ship within 3-4 weeks of orders being placed.
    All orders are shipped on a first come first served basis.
    All shipments are noted to be held for pickup at the post office with purchasers phone number.
    At the time of shipment purchasers will recieve an automated shipping confirmation email with tracking number.


    If you need to contact us in regard to an existing order, please reply to the order confirmation email. This keep all correspondance tied directly to your order so that we do not lose track of anything that we may agree on. Social Media Messages and direct emails get lost easily with the large number of communications we receive daily.