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Our Blackberry Nebula soap is made with raw goats milk from our herd of Nigerian Dwarf Goats. Smooth, creamy lather that cleans without over drying and may be great for sensitive skin.


This four color, swirled bar is a cosmic mix of neon purple, purple, pink and white. With the spritz of glitter on top this bar reminded us of a Nebula;  a giant cloud of dust and gas in space that forms from either a star dying or beginning to form.


The scent is blackberry vanilla and is equally out of this world. It's fruity and slightly floral with the vanilla notes it reminds of us of a warm blackberry cobbler with a side of icecream!


Just saponified olive and coconut oils, raw goats milk, fragrance oil, and mica


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Blackberry Nebula - Goat Milk Soap