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Hedemora are a swedish landrace breed that exhibits varied phenotypes. Everything for smooth to wooly feather, Fibro and Non-Fibro skin, and a myrid of colors. They are large fowl, but on the smaller side (3-4lbs) and a moderate layers of medium sized cream colored eggs. 


They are docile, but very active and inquisitive. My breeding group is up in a tractor, but they are very happy to free-range if able and are super aware of their environment. The roosters are assertive, and very attentive to their hens. They are one of the better breeds known for handling harsh winters, but can also adapt to hot Summers. 


If you're looking for a medium sized fowl that is a highly adaptable landrace breed, the Hedemora are it! 


$85/dozen shipped. 




Hedemora Hatching Eggs

  • Hatching Eggs are a perishable item that lose viability by the day. For this reason we are unable to store and ship eggs as orders are placed. This is a preorder item and is expected to ship within 3-4 weeks of orders being placed.

    All orders are shipped on a first come first served basis.
    All shipments are noted to be held for pickup at the post office with purchasers phone number.

    At the time of shipment purchasers will recieve an automated shipping confirmation email with tracking number.