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This is the cost of shipping for 1-25, Day Old Chicks.

We are only able to ship 25 chicks per package. If you are ordering more than 25 chicks, be sure to purchase the appropriate quantity of the "Chick Shipping" item.


ex.1:   If you order 13 Day Old Chicks, you would need to purchase one "Chick Shipping" item.
ex. 2:   If you purchase 40 Day Old Chicks. you would need to purchase 2 "Chick Shipping" items.


This price includes; Postage, shipping box, straw bedding, heat pack (if necessary), GroGel, feed, and the stress of waiting until the last minute to remove birds from the hatcher and still make it to the post office before closing.  


Please bare with us. We are working with our domain provider to modify the functionality of our web page, to add shipping rates for varying quantities within product groups. 

Chick Shipping