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We are Sky Girl Farm; a family run Farmstead Hatchery in Middle Georgia.

Rainbow Eggs.Pastured Livestock.Heirloom Produce

Sustainably Grown

We raise a variety of chicken breeds, focusing on egg color, temperament and unique phenotype. In 2019, we had our flock tested and joined the NPIP program so that we can share these uniquely colored eggs and the friendly chicks that will lay them, with other rainbow egg enthusiast. 

All of our livestock is raised on pasture, and it truly makes a difference in the lives of our animals and in the environment. Raising animals in parameters that work with their natural instincts, and not against them, allows for a better end product for all. 

In addition to offering hatching eggs and chicks, we raise a variety of animals on pasture for meat, and milk. Currently we have Nigerian dwarf goats, Kunekune pigs and both Dexter and Jersey cattle. We milk both our goats and cows and intend to start a small home dairy. The raw milk from our goats is being used to make the soap and lotion we offer. The raw milk from our cows is used to make a variety of dairy products for our families consumption. 

Produce is grown in a beyond organic manner in soil free from tilling, pesticides or chemical fertilizers. We raise a variety of open pollinated, heirloom vegetables and flowers. We wholesale our produce to local chefs or offer them for farm pick up seasonally. We will be offering seeds on a small scale next season.

In our shop,  you will soon find various ferments to make kombucha, kefir, sourdough and more.

 Gut health is paramount to all health, and we want to help others keep things bubbly and brewing at all times.
Thank you for taking an interest in our family owned farm. We love working with our animals, and helping to heal the land through regenerative, slow grown, agricultural practices. It gives us joy to share the fruits of our land and labor with you!


We are mid-Move from Texas to Georgia and will be taking the majority of 2023 off from sales.


We are currently closed due to moving

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